Leros is an island of south Aegean belonging in prefecture of Dodecanese. It is located between the islands of Patmos and Leipsos on the north amd Kalymnos ( 1 nautical mile) to the south, and it is 179 nautical miles away from Piraeus, while only 7 n.m. away from the Near East coast. It is extended in 54,6 sp. Km and its coastal length is 83,75 km, which outlines its rich sea dismemberment of its coasts, that form deep bays and anchorages. Because of this rich dismemberment, Leros seems today like one of the last small paradises for the visitor that seeks for tranquility and the traditional lifestyle. A peacefulness that rests both mind and senses, in an environment such hospitable that becomes familiar from the first moment. This is the reason for which Lerians emphasize that:
«No one forgets Leros once getting to know it»

Most important gulf are the gulf of Lakki, the biggest of the island and among the safest port of Mediterranean, that, during the Italian bandage of Dodecanese, was used as a naval station, because of its natural suitability, and the flat gulfs of Partheni, with three repeated inlets, and Plefouti, both of which are safe from the northern winds, as the islets os Stroggyli and Archagelos act as natural seawalls.

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In the center of the island two strong poles grow that concentrate the whole of public services: the residential place of Agia Marina and Lakki, which are connected through the main road-axis of the island. The settlement of Agia Marina is the capital of the Municipality, having a town planning that includes three residential areas: Agia Marina in the north beach of the central part of the island, Platanos in the saddle of hills Kastro and Imerovigli, and Panteli located in the inlet of the homonymous gulf.


Since early last century the area of Alinda was chosen for its unique natural beauty and its healthy climate from the Egyptian Lerians, who built their country neoclassic villas, kept up to now. During the last years Alinda settlement, for the same reasons and because it offers one of the best beaches for swimming, gains the preference of both inhabitants and tourists, for building cottages and tourist accommodations.

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Traveling by plane

The island of Leros also has an airport in the north of the island and there is a direct connection with the Athens airport with a flight of forty to fifty minutes and there is the possibility of landing small planes. If you do not have a flight to Leros you can reach Kos airport and from there you can reach Leros by dolphin. There is no shuttle service to and from the airport but you can use a taxi or private vehicle. Local transfers On the island you will find some buses to assist you with your trips to the villages and beaches of the island however the itineraries are not very frequent and you will be better served if you have your own means.

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Traveling by boat

To reach the island of Leros from the port of Piraeus you will use the ferry line to the Dodecanese and the journey takes about nine hours. The connection is not daily and you should be informed of the itineraries before traveling. Apart from the port of Piraeus, Leros also connects with ports of neighboring islands such as Kalymnos, Rhodes, Patmos, Kos and Lipsi with the itineraries being more frequent during the summer months.

Useful Phone Numbers

Health services
Emergency Help Center: 166
Leros Hospital: (+30) 22470 23251
Municipality of Leros Municipality: (+30) 22473 60239

Police authorities
Police: 100 Leros Police Department: (+30) 22470 22222
Port authorities : (+30) 22470 22224
Fire Brigade, Fire Brigade Fire Brigade Immediate Intervention: 199

Taxi Lakki: (+30) 22470 22550 Taxi Platanus: (+30) 22470 23070
Leros Airport: (+30) 22470 22777

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